Knoxville Safe House is Open to serve you.

The Knoxville Safe House is now OPEN!  We invite our friends and residents in East Tennessee to visit our store and showroom.  We carry a wide selection of safes & Vaults from Fort Knox, Browning Pro Series, Champion, Real Steel, AMSEC, Gardall and Gun Vault safe products.  Remember to Protect What Is Important Today!  Take action now for peace of mind and prevent loss in the future.

Our hours are 9 AM till 5 PM Monday through Friday.  Saturday’s 10 AM till 4 PM.  My appointment for those who schedule prevent a visit during normal business hours.

Our safe selection is one of the best in East Tennessee.  Competitively priced and full of features that will provide flexibility, security and protection for all your valuables.

6 thoughts on “Knoxville Safe House is Open to serve you.

  1. Bill Plemitscher

    Mr. Bradley,
    You have a nice website, but I don’t find your street address in Knoxville anywhere. Where are you? I am in Rogersville and interested in a gun safe. A safe tall enough inside to accommodate a long muzzleloader and made in the USA are some of the features I’m looking for.
    Thank you, Bill Plemitscher

  2. Mikie Bradley

    Mr. Plemitscher;
    We are located at 3525 Castel Lane in Alcoa, TN. Just behind West Chevrolet on Alcoa Highway 129.
    Just click on the “Contact Us” button at the top of the website and our address is listed along with a map for your convenience.

    Thank you for your email and we look forward to meeting you in the near future.

  3. David Fincher

    Mr. Bradley-I’m having a problem deciding where to put a safe. I have a two car attached garage that would be good but wondered about the temperature/humidity. Summer months it seldom gets over 75 and winter not under 55 degrees due to insulated steel garage doors. Would this be a good option?

    Otherwise, coming in through the garage to the downstairs area would be a parquet wood floor into the family room. I don’t know if that weight(500+ pounds) would do to the floor. What are your suggestions?



    1. Mikie Bradley

      Good Morning David:
      Thank you for your post on our web site. I wanted to get back to you as soon as possible via email to answer your question and will post to the web site later this weekend. My suggestion, based on your information, is to locate your safe in the garage. You will not have any problem with humidity issues. Part of our service is bolt your safe to the garage floor and provide a vapor barrier between the concrete and safe. I would also recommend you use an “Eva-Dry” dehumidifier. This unit is inexpensive ($25.00) and performs exceptionally well in preventing mold and mildew, a renewable moisture absorber. I would recommend the garage area verses the family room with the parquet wood floor. Over a period of time this location may have some issues and would require additional delivery expense.

      I hope this information has been helpful and I invite you to stop by our store in Alcoa, TN. We are located behind West Chevrolet on the Alcoa Highway. Please feel free to call us for additional directions if needed.

      Again, thank you for your email and I look forward to meeting you.

    1. Mike Bradley Post author

      Due to the number of products we carry we do not have a published price list, however, we encourage you to come to our store or call
      for information. Thank you for your interest.


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